The Beginning

Brown Sugar & Fig, sweet like honey. This is one of the few things that I have yet to stop obsessing over. Until now. I have a new profound obsession– travel and all of the joys that come with it. The pure thought of traveling has turned materialistic obsessions over to ones filled with adventure. The smell of a favorite scent has been replaced by the preference of fresh ocean breeze whilst biking towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everything that you once thought you couldn’t live without has suddenly been replaced by something bigger– something that makes you reach out for more, distracts you from reality, keeps you from sleeping even though your eyes are heavy. This is what I call happiness. And when you find happiness not in someone but something that no one can take away from you– that’s when you can truly feel safe. Safe that this amazing dream, passion, destination, will be there to welcome you back when you’re feeling nostalgic.

A year and a half ago, I drove 25 hours by myself (and Delilah, if that even counts) from Baton Rouge to Salt Lake City in search of self love and pure happiness. 1,670 miles of driving later, not a long enough playlist, different sunsets– and let me tell you, Texas sunsets are by far my favorite now, and many many more road-trip memories, I made it to Utah. You’d think that after finally being able to close my eyes for longer than a few hours and not have to worry about driving through another state that I would feel a little more complete.. maybe even closer to finding this “happiness” I thought could be found in another city… No.

A year and a half later, I’ve found it. For now. This whole time, happiness wasn’t concrete and it will continue to include even more miles of driving, the same song playing for the fifth time, different state welcome signs, beautiful Texas sunsets and long, boring, Wyoming drives.

My happiness is not a single location, it is not a person– it’s the yearn for travel. And as for self love– it’s a work in progress, but one thing that I am absolutely sure of, it’s that:

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.”

Welcome to my blog! You will be entering a world of wanderlust where I will be sharing my travels and some of the most beautiful destinations that my wonderful friends have shared with me through pictures.

Enjoy! xx